More about us…

Founded by Mick O’Connor CEng MIET CDir FIoD FRSA, HAELO draws upon his 30+ years career from an apprentice welder straight from school through to successfully leading complex operations in the Space, Defence, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Petrochemical, Construction, Oil, Aviation, Energy, and Manufacturing Industries.

HAELO was established to reduce the uncertainties and anxieties leaders face when managing large complex operations and increase their likelihood of success. Based upon Mick O’Connor’s own experience of working alongside senior military personnel he learned how they approached mission execution and considered how this may apply in an industrial setting. How plans play out in reality is fraught with uncertainty, from first contact a plan is out of date, effective leaders, military or civilian, assure results by staying focused on achieving mission objectives whilst detecting and responding to threats and opportunities to create competitive advantage.

Utilising a unique mix of experience and expertise, the HAELO team have a mastery which they used to create a novel framework entitled Organisational Meshing® proven to enable leaders to lead effectively in volatile and uncertain conditions by getting people focused and aligned on mission critical activities, establishing a single source of truth, enhancing decision making and readiness to act. Or put simply, helping teams Work as One.