An Introduction to HAELO: Where Does the Name Come From?

At HAELO, our philosophy isn’t just instilled into our service but also into our company name. However, there is more than one reason why the name is a perfect fit…

Does My Business Need an Integrated GRC Software Solution?

Enterprises that struggle to integrate GRC due to cost and complexity can benefit greatly from establishing a common GRC software architecture across relevant departments.

What is ‘HX’? – How Human Experience Brings Context to GRC

At HAELO, our philosophy is tied very closely to HX (Human Experience) and the essential role that human interaction plays in providing context for GRC data.

Our MD Mick O’Connor takes on a new role with the Institute of Directors

In March this year, HAELO MD and Founder Mick O’Connor was appointed the Institute of Directors Chartered Director Ambassador for Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

Q&A: 5 Minutes with Mick O’Connor, MD & Founder of HAELO

We took five minutes with our Founder and Managing Director, Mick O'Connor, to find out more about him, how he does business and his plans for the future of HAELO.