The Challenge

Improve operational effectiveness and collegiate teamworking behaviours when legacy issues are getting in the way.

The Solution

Conducted Discovery interviews with senior Landmarc and DIO stakeholder to understand the context and expectations. Created a joint problem statement to articulate senior perceptions of Regional operating performance. Met jointly with senior Landmarc and DIO Regional stakeholders to understand their perspective of the problem statement and perceptions of the senior stakeholder. Conducted 1:1 interviews with all team members to ensure all views were represented in preparation for Diagnostic workshop.

Conducted workshop attended by all members of the Regional management to instil a collegiate approach to improving senior stakeholder perceptions. Used the HAELO Organisational Meshing® framework to define and analyse the problem space, identify solutions, make joint decisions and enable affirmative action.

The Outcome

Developed a 90-day action plan delivering improved performance particularly in Additional Works Services exceeding DIO Deputy Head of the UK Defence Training Estate expectations of what he thought achievable.

“HAELO helped us create practical, outcome orientated plans to solve complex issues”

Mark Neill, Managing Director, Landmarc Solutions