The Challenge

Transition of a large multi-site Engineering & Operations (E&O) function, organised down business lines, into a matrix structure and maintain focus and delivery of in-year revenue.

The Solution

Worked closely with Group Engineering & Operations Director and senior management team to identify key results, aligned to QinetiQ group priorities, and desired organisational behaviours. Conducted a series of Diagnostic workshops, using the HAELO Organisational Meshing® framework, to assess, eliminate and define activities considered critical to success. Implemented HAELO IO® cloud-based app to sustain focus exclusively on critical activities spending time with team members to ensure resilience and control was built into each activity providing confidence that key results were built upon solid operating foundations.

The Outcome

Transition of Engineering & Operations function to a matrix structure and delivery of in-year financial results.

“HAELO helped us stay focused and to think and act quickly in a rapidly changing environment”

Ian Beresford, Group Operations Director, QinetiQ