The Challenge

Transition of Combine the strengths and expertise of individual business functions and business units into a single integrated Country Business Unit (CBU).

The Solution

Conducted a series of 1:1 discovery interviews with executive committee members to contextualise the situation and gauge the level of commitment to the creation of a UK CBU. Conducted a series of workshops working collectively with executive the committee (Comex) using the HAELO GLIDE Path® Diagnostic Tool to define key focus areas, aligned with Thales Ambition Boost 10 Objectives, including the role of the Comex within a UK CBU structure, identification of the critical operating elements, constructing a Target Operating Model and embedding a drumbeat and set of review routines.

The Outcome

Increased accountability and focus on delivery of CBU collective objectives including improved collaboration and information sharing.

“HAELO helped us focus on what matters and deliver intuitive, decision worthy information”

Stuart Bolton, VP Land and Air Systems, Thales