An Introduction to HAELO: Where Does the Name Come From?

At HAELO, our philosophy isn’t just instilled into our consultation service, GRC framework and proprietary IO® software, but also serves as the foundation of our company name. However, there is more than one reason why this name is a perfect fit…

Business Prosperity

A key inspiration for our company name comes from the Old English phrase ‘Gōd hælo!’, meaning ‘good health’. This typically would have been said during a toast and acted as the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of our modern ‘Cheers!’.

The phrase implies a wish of health and prosperity, something that effective GRC management provides for an organisation. Choosing a name based on the word ‘hælo’ reflects our mission of increasing organisational resilience (health) and delivering results (prosperity) through our services and software.

A Bright Light

Our name also has obvious roots in the modern English language, of course. The word ‘halo’ (derived from the Latin halōs) refers to the ring of light present around the heads of angels, saints and other holy figures in religious iconography, but also to any ring of luminescence around a light source, such as the sun or moon.

This association with light mirrors how HAELO aims to act as a beacon guiding enterprises towards the right solution, illuminating and clarifying data that has been made complex and opaque by a multitude of moving parts and overlapping dependencies within the business.

This aspect of our company inspiration has also influenced our branding and logo.

The Mark of Our Founder

As well as the more philosophical influences above, our company name also conveniently references our Founder and Managing Director, Mick O’Connor. Combining the HAEL from Michael and O from O’Connor, the HAELO name is a true representation of Mick’s influence on the fundamental pillars of the company.

Overall, the name HAELO perfectly fits what we provide as a business and as a service. Even as our organisation grows, our core philosophies remain the same and serve as strong pillars onto which the company name, branding and messaging has been built.

More About Us

HAELO provides enterprises with a consolidated GRC Platform, IO®, supported by a novel framework entitled Organisational Meshing®. Together, this architecture creates clarity, context, and comprehensive oversight to enable GRC personnel to interconnect with other business functions and ensure key management decisions remain informed, mission-focused, and responsive to risk.

In the modern environment of remote and hybrid working, we seek to offer an intuitive, cloud-based GRC solution that helps organisations bring together information from across many departments and streamline disparate activities and dependencies into a single, easy-to-understand workflow that is accessible for key personnel, no matter where they are based.

If you’d like to find out more about what we can provide for your organisation or to request a demo of our IO software, please get in touch using our online contact form.